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Get ready to shine! Please dive into the excitement by filling out the entertainment application for Downriver Pride happening on June 21st and 22nd, 2024, right in the heart of Downtown Wyandotte. Make sure to catch all the vibes by reading through the rules and regulations before wrapping up your application!

Rules & Regulations

Applications undergo a thorough pre-screening process, and the final selection is meticulously carried out by the Downriver Pride Entertainment Committee Members and Conz Productions LLC Staff. Notifications of acceptance will be communicated by a designated Conz Productions LLC staff member, who will serve as the direct point of contact throughout the event. By participating in the event, all attendees consent to the use of videos and photographs captured during the event for promotional purposes. Prior to setting up on-site, all applicants are required to check in at the Entertainment Check-In Booth located near the stage, with photo identification being a mandatory requirement for the check-in process. The installation and operation of any exhibits not explicitly approved by Conz Productions LLC staff/Committee are strictly prohibited, ensuring compliance with event guidelines and standards. Conz Productions LLC retains the exclusive right to prohibit any activity that is deemed deleterious and not in the best interest of the event, exercising this discretion as needed. Applicants must transparently indicate on their application any days and/or time periods during which they are unable to participate, allowing for effective scheduling and planning. Regardless of weather conditions, the event is held both rain or shine, given its outdoor nature. Participants are strongly advised to make necessary preparations to adapt to varying weather conditions. Upon acceptance into Downriver Pride, participants will be presented with a formal written contract for signature, outlining the terms and conditions of their involvement. Entertainers bear full responsibility for the equipment they bring to the event, and participants are explicitly advised against leaving instruments or support equipment unattended. Conz Productions LLC/Downriver Pride explicitly disclaims liability for theft, loss, or damage to equipment through a comprehensive indemnification clause. This clause ensures that participants agree to hold Conz Productions LLC/Downriver Pride harmless from any claims, losses, or damages arising from their participation in the event, including but not limited to the use of equipment.


Please choose one of the following options concerning insurance for the event:
Yes, I possess liability insurance that will be effective during the dates of Downriver Pride, and I commit to providing Conz Productions LLC with a certificate of insurance. I understand that my performance is contingent upon the approval of my insurance by Conz Productions LLC.
No, I do not have liability insurance. However, I accept personal responsibility for any damages and payment claims resulting from my participation in Downriver Pride. I commit to signing the provided Insurance Waiver upon acceptance as a performer, and I agree to indemnify Conz Productions LLC against any associated liability, loss, or expenses.

Applicants are required to furnish a sample of their work, accompanied by links that include video presentations of the submitted content (e.g., the Facebook page link should feature a video showcasing your performance). Applications lacking video documentation of the performance will not be considered. Alternatively, if you choose to submit physical copies of your work (CD or DVD), please send them to the following address:

P.O. Box 126, Wyandotte, Michigan 48192.

For the return of tangible copies, a prepaid return envelope with sufficient postage must be included. If you are submitting a physical copy of your work, kindly indicate so in the drop-down menu below. Conz Productions LLC is not obligated to return submitted work and is not responsible for any damage to the materials.

Please indicate your availability for performing at Downriver Pride by specifying the days you are available. Select both days if applicable.
Kindly specify the types of work you are submitting for our jury's review:
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • TikTok
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